About Me

Lauren Seymour is a Multimedia student that loves to dabble in photography, video production, web design, a bit of coding, and stuff that moves.

She has no cats, two brothers, and an absurd love of bright colors. She likes eating take-away tempura crabmeat rolls from sushi-sushi in her pjs while watching netflix. She is currently binge watching Law & Order : SVU. She has a bicuspid aortic valve and borderline personality disorder.

photo of Lauren
still image of an animation


Lauren has now successfully completed her first multimedia class/term.

She found that she was not a fan of how often Adobe Edge Animate's beta crashes, but she enjoyed her teacher's brightly colored socks.

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Lauren loves bright colors, crisp lines and glitter (which makes for better arts & crafts than it does professional websites).

Her favorite part of web design is sketching her ideas because it's the first time she's had a good reason to use a pencil since the early 2000s.

more designs
image of a desgin created by Lauren
image of a video being filmed


Lauren is exceptionally shy and therefore she most enjoys being behind the camera and editing videos.

Some of her most memorable recordings of the year included chasing a deer, a steamy bathroom (literally an empty bathroom filling with condensation) and filming a tea cup in it's natural habitat (the cupboard).

She is looking forward to more filming adventures next year.

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<p>When Lauren first enrolled in the multimedia program she expected that <strong>Coding The Web</strong> would be her favorite class.</p>

<p>Although she quite enjoys HTML & CSS, Lauren finds she spends too much time staring blankly at her computer not understanding JavaScript. </p>

image of JavaScript code